Friday, June 3, 2016

Grouped VCS carbon cerrtification in Vichada

by Dexter B. Dombro

I am very proud to share this excellent video of our plantation's participation in a grouped Verified Carbon Standard (VCS) certification process led by the FundaciĆ³n Natura (Natura Foundation) in Colombia. Four members of our local forestry association (AGAF), which includes us at La Pedregoza, started the process last year. All of our baseline work has now been accepted, so we should shortly have a carbon certification which will allow our carbon offsets to be bought and sold on various carbon exchanges around the world.

Check out:

Our CO2 Tropical Trees program is also gaining ground with small business owners, because we help them to accumulate carbon offsets over time for only $100 a month. The program plants only native tree species that in turn help to conserve biodiversity and to create wildlife corridors in strategic areas. Whenever possible, our planting focuses on the restoration of degraded areas, using native vegetation. That means that small business participants in the program are not only reducing or eliminating their carbon footprint, they are also helping to conserve biodiversity at the same time.

We continue to urge everyone to check in on CO2 Earth, which posts monthly atmospheric carbon readings from the Mauna Loa Observatory in Hawaii. The readings are not a pretty picture, with the 400 ppm ceiling broken some time ago, a ceiling some scientists feel may put us past the point of no recovery. However, we remain undaunted and continue to plant trees as a proactive way of fighting climate change. Check out the numbers for April 2016 at Mauna Loa, where there is no industry in mid-Pacific:

 To contact us at CO2 Tropical Trees you can send an e-mail to dexter at co2tropicaltrees dot com. Thanks!

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