Friday, October 15, 2010

Arbolito the Saladillo children's book

Front Cover of Arbolito the Saladillo
My children's book Arbolito the Saladillo has been published and is now available for purchase on-line in bundles of 10 books each just in time for Christmas gift shopping. Please visit my Arbolito the Saladillo book purchase page. The book is 24 pages long and in full color. It tells the story of Arbolito, a little Saladillo tree growing up on the edge of the inundation forest (riparian forest) in our Reserva Natural La Pedregoza in Vichada, Colombia. Arbolito has a steady stream of exotic animal visitors in both the dry season and the wet season. Very few books tell a story from the point of view of a tree, so children will definitely enjoy this. The book includes a detailed glossary and cast of characters with their scientific names and interesting facts, making Arbolito the Saladillo an educational book as well as a great bed time read.

Back Cover of Arbolito the Saladillo
The foreword was written by Canada and North America's most famous wildlife artist, Robert Bateman. I would like to  express my deep gratitude for Mr. Bateman's well-known support for all things to do with nature, especially the conservation and preservation of endangered wildlife. Needless to say that conservation and preservation of biodiversity depends in large part on maintaining and expanding our forests with afforestation and reforestation programs involving native trees, such as that of Amazonia Reforestation. This is also a great opportunity to mention the support and encouragement I received from our partner organizations and institutional friends, like the renowned Omacha Foundation in Colombia, the Swiss and Belgian NGO Weforest, and the wonderful scientists and researchers at the Faculty of Agricultural, Life & Environmental Sciences at the University of Alberta in Edmonton, Canada.

Every purchase of Arbolito the Saladillo plants trees!
I have saved the best for last. Every purchase of a bundle of 10 Arbolito the Saladillo books allows us to plant up to 100 tropical trees in the Reserva Natural La Pedregoza and at other locations and other natural reserves in the region. The book was published to be both educational and a fund raiser for our natural reserve. So even if you think you don't know that many kids, please buy a bundle of books and donate any extras to your local children's Christmas Gift charity or to a local orphanage. School libraries are also most appreciative of donated children's books. Remember, every purchase puts trees in the ground, so if you believe in the benefits of afforestation and reforestation, then help us to root out the problem of deforestation! And start thinking about coming to visit Arbolito the Saladillo one day...

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