Thursday, December 31, 2009

Poncho the Capybara
I am very pleased to announce the launch of the web site for our Reserva Natural La Pedregoza in Vichada, Colombia. The founders are Dexter Dombro, Dr. Kochurani Dombro and Dilmun Dombro. At present this natural reserve consists of two old growth forests, both of which are inundation forests (riparian forest), being naturally flooded for almost 5 months a year. The natural reserve also features considerable river bank along the Rio el Bita, as well as two beautiful morichals (heavily treed drainage ways across the savannah). This is the first part of the reserve, with plans to add further areas in the near future, once proper surveys and legal title issues allow La Pedregoza to expand. We regard La Pedregoza as the anchor to our afforestation and reforestation efforts around the natural reserve.

Cocomono Flower
La Pedregoza Natural Reserve is dedicated to the conservation of native tree species and the preservation of endangered wildlife using those native trees for expanded habitat. To that end there are plans to establish native tree seed collection programs and a native tree nursery. On the wildlife side we have exciting plans to build a river turtle hatchery. Using boats we will collect turtle eggs up and down the river before poachers can get to them and then bring them to the natural reserve where they will be hatched and then released into a magnificent, protected river inlet within the park boundaries. Besides jungle trails ending at dry season beaches, we are also going to erect platforms for nature observers and artists wishing to sketch or paint the inundation forest during the wet season.

Native Tree Nursery
The other significant element we have planned is an Interpretive Center providing locals and visitors alike with knowledge regarding the importance of the gallery and riparian forest, the rain forest, the savannah and the wildlife that depends on them. Reserva Natural La Pedregoza is meant to protect a unique eco-system while providing endangered wildlife with a refuge while moving along the Rio el Bita and on to the El Tuparro National Park. Completing the picture are our partnerships with the University of Alberta’s Faculty of Agricultural, Life & Environmental Sciences, who will no doubt make use of this natural reserve when conducting their research and studies, and with the world renowned Omacha Foundation, who are our partners in the turtle hatchery program and for doing a biological inventory of the natural reserve. Please visit

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