Tuesday, October 13, 2009

MOU with University of Alberta

I am extremely pleased to announce that the Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) between Planeta Verde Reforestación S.A. representing Amazonia Reforestation and CO2 Tropical Trees and the Faculty of Agricultural, Life and Environmental Sciences at the University of Alberta (U of A) in Edmonton, Canada, was formally signed today at the U of A. Dr. Kochurani Dombro signed on behalf of Planeta Verde, while the university's Provost and the faculty's Dean signed on behalf of the University of Alberta. Also participating were Dr. Debra Davidson, one of the professor's planning a study using our tropical tree farm as a base, and Renny Khan, the Director of the International Centre for the university. Dr. John Spence is another professor planning a carbon sequestration study based on the tropical trees we are planting in Colombia.

The MOU is a way of setting in place a collaborative effort between our two entities. Specific contracts will be signed on a case by case basis in the future, for each study, research or program, as it is mutually agreed upon. Planeta Verde for its part has offered the use of its facilities, infrastructure and land for U of A studies and research. We are also hopeful that the natural reserve we are establishing in Vichada, Colombia, will provide further opportunities for zoological and botanical studies in the future. This signing comes hot on the heals of another MOU we signed with the world renowned Omacha Foundation of Bogotá, Colombia, who will be doing a biological inventory of our natural reserve, will assist us in the establishment of an endangered river turtle hatchery, and will work with us for the conservation of native tree species.